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Akhet (horizon)
in hieroglyphs

Akhet (Ancient Egyptian: Ꜣḫt; Gardiner: N27) is an Egyptian hieroglyph that represents the sun rising over a mountain. It is translated as "horizon" or "the place in the sky where the sun rises".[1] Betrò describes it as "Mountain with the Rising Sun" and an ideogram for "horizon".[2]

Akhet appears in the Egyptian name for the Great Pyramid of Giza (Akhet Khufu) and in the assumed name of Akhetaten, the city founded by pharaoh Akhenaten. It also appears in the name of the syncretized form of Ra and Horus, Ra-Horakhty (Rꜥ Ḥr Ꜣḫty, "Ra–Horus of the Horizons").

In Egyptian architecture, the pylon mirrored the hieroglyph.

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