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Agni, the Hindu deity of fire

This is a list of deities in fire worship.

African mythology[edit]

Egyptian mythology[edit]

  • Ra, fire god of the sun, light, warmth, and growth
  • Sekhmet, protective lioness goddess of the sun and fire
  • Wadjet, the protective serpent goddess who sends fire to burn her enemies

Yoruba mythology[edit]

  • Ogun, fire god and patron of blacksmiths, iron, warfare, metal tools
  • Oya, goddess of fire, wind, transforms into buffalo, fertility
  • Shango, god of thunder and fire, considered the storm-god

Asian mythology[edit]

Chinese mythology[edit]

  • Zhurong (Huoshen, God of Fire)
  • Huilu (Huoshen, God of Fire)
  • Yandi (Huozhu, Antecedent of Fire)
  • Shennong (Huozhu, Antecedent of Fire)
  • Ebo (Huozheng, Primacy Fire)
  • Yùyōu (Huoqi, Energy of Fire)
  • Bǐngdīngwèi Sīhuǒ Dàshén
  • Yǐwǔwèi Sīhuǒ Dàdì
  • Nánfāng Chìjīng Dìjūn
  • Nánfāng Chìlíng Dìjūn

Hindu mythology[edit]

  • Agneya, daughter of Agni and guardian of the south-east
  • Agni, god of fire, messengers, and purification
  • Ilā, goddess of speech and nourishment invoked during the agni-hotra ceremony[1][2]
  • Makara Jyothi, a star revered on a festival
  • Mātariśvan, god of fire associated with Agni

Khanty mythology[edit]

  • Ney-Anki - goddess of fire.

Korean mythology[edit]

Japanese mythology[edit]

Mongolian mythology[edit]

  • Arshi Tengri, god of fire associated with shamanic rituals
  • Odqan, red god of fire who rides on a brown goat
  • Yal-un Eke, mother goddess of fire who is Odqan's counterpart

Nivkhi mythology[edit]

  • Turgmam, goddess of fire

Philippine mythology[edit]

Turkic mythology[edit]

  • Alaz, god of fire
  • Od Iyesi, familiar spirits who protect fires
  • Ut, Siberian goddess of the hearth
  • Vut-Ami, Chuvash goddess of fires.

European mythology[edit]

Albanian mythology[edit]

Basque mythology[edit]

  • Eate, god of fire and storms

Caucasian mythology[edit]

  • Alpan, Lezghin (Dagestanian) goddess of fire
  • Kamar, Georgian fire goddess who was kidnapped by Amirani
  • Uorsar, Adyghe goddess of the hearth
  • Wine Gwasche, Circassian goddess who protects the hearth

Celtic mythology[edit]

  • Brigit, Irish goddess of fire, poetry, arts, and crafts
  • Aed, Irish god whose name means "fire"
  • Grannus, god of fire, health, water springs, and the sun
  • Nantosuelta, goddess of fire, nature, fertility, rivers and the earth

Etruscan mythology[edit]

  • Sethlans, fire god of smithing and crafts

Greek mythology[edit]

  • Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths, crafting, fire, and volcanoes.
  • Hestia, goddess of the hearth and its fires.
  • Helios, Titan personification of the Sun, drives his chariot across the sky
  • Apollo, god of prophecy, brother of Artemis, drives his chariot across the sky

Lithuanian mythology[edit]

Norse mythology[edit]

Ossetian mythology[edit]

  • Safa, god of the hearth chain
  • Mariel, Fire goddess of Asspics

Roman mythology[edit]

  • Caca, goddess who was Vulcan's daughter and who might have been worshipped before Vesta
  • Cacus, god who was the fire-breathing giant son of Vulcan, and who might have been worshipped in ancient times
  • Fornax, goddess of the furnace
  • Stata Mater, goddess who stops fires
  • Vesta, goddess of the hearth and its fire
  • Vulcan, god of crafting and fire

Sicilian mythology[edit]

Slavic mythology[edit]

  • Dazhbog, the regenerating god of the solar fire who rides in the sky
  • Kresnik, golden fire god who became a hero of Slovenia
  • Ognyena Maria, fire goddess who assists Perun
  • Peklenc, god of fire who rules the underworld and its wealth and who judges and punishes the wicked through earthquakes
  • Svarog, the bright god of fire, smithing, and the sun, and is sometimes considered as the creator
  • Svarožič, the god of the earthly fire

Middle Eastern mythology[edit]

Canaanite mythology[edit]

Hittite mythology[edit]

  • Arinitti, sun goddess of the city of Arinna, and the goddess of hearth fires, temple flames, and chthonic fires in later times.[4]

Mesopotamian mythology[edit]

  • Gerra, god of fire in Akkadian and Babylonian records
  • Gibil, skilled god of fire and smithing in Sumerian records
  • Ishum, god of fire who was the brother of the sun god Shamash, and an attendant of Erra
  • Nusku, god of heavenly and earthly fire and light, and patron of the arts

Native American mythology[edit]

Aztec mythology[edit]

  • Chantico, goddess of the hearth fires and volcanoes
  • Mixcoatl, hunting god who introduced fire to humanity
  • Xiuhtecuhtli, god of fire, day, heat, volcanoes, food in famine, the year, turquoise, the Aztec emperors, and the afterlife

Brazilian mythology[edit]

  • Iansã, goddess of fire and wind

Huichol mythology[edit]

Mayan mythology[edit]

  • Huracán, fire god of storms and wind who created and destroyed humanity
  • Jacawitz, fire god who was a companion of the sun god Tohil

Navajo mythology[edit]

  • Black God, frail stellar fire god who introduced the fire drill to humanity

Quechua mythology[edit]

  • Manqu Qhapaq, fire and sun god who founded the Inca civilization and introduced technology to humanity

Oceanian mythology[edit]

Fijian mythology[edit]

  • Gedi, fire and fertility god who taught humanity to use fire

Hawaiian mythology[edit]

  • Pele, goddess of fire, wind, and volcanoes

Māori mythology[edit]

  • Auahitūroa, god of fire and comets and husband of Mahuika
  • Mahuea, goddess of fire
  • Mahuika, goddess of fire who was tricked into revealing to her grandson Maui the knowledge of fire
  • Ngā Mānawa, five fire gods who are sons of Auahitūroa and Mahuika

Samoan mythology[edit]

  • Ti'iti'i, god of fire that brought fire to people of Samoa after a battle with the earthquake god, Mafui'e.


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